Monday, 19 November 2007

Sofa, So Good

Disgustingly cute, isn’t he?

Here he is again.


Does that suggest that Bob’s fed up of sitting on the futon? Because I bloody well am.

Over the eight weeks or so that we’ve been in our house, we’ve had a saga with the sofa. We ordered one that we loved from a shop, but it wouldn’t come through the door. So we ordered another, and were guaranteed it would arrive before Christmas. It arrived less than three weeks after we ordered it, last Friday. So I spent the morning videoing Bob while I waited for it (I was told it would arrive between 8am and 5pm – it arrived at 4pm).

And now Bob’s trying to make our livingroom look like a sofa shop advert.


He still likes sleeping on the futon, though. He likes sleeping everywhere.


Did I mention videos? I did. I videoed Bob because you asked me to video Bob. Here are his greatest hits.

Under the iMac.

Attacking the camera strap.

Sunday morning.

Attacking me.

Oh, Bob.


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ELIN said...

aw, Bob is cute!