Sunday, 11 November 2007

Oh Shit!

See how cute Bob is in a morning when he’s been playing on the stairs and is a bit pooped out?


Disgusting, isn’t it?

Almost as disgusting as when he trotted into the living room last night while Emma, myself, her parents and her youngest brother were having a meal, and revealed that he was covered in his own shit. Well, not quite covered, but the poor lad had had the runs and got some poop on his haunches – we changed his kitten food from chicken to fish, and the combination of this and nerves at us having guests made him poop runny. So we showered him, and cut out the poop from his hair.


Bob most definitely didn’t look like Bob when he was wet; quite spooked me. He looked a bit like the creature from the black lagoon. But he was soon back to his best!


One of Bob’s favourite things is pushing your face. Or, rather, my face; he doesn’t really do it to Emma.


(That first one was taken with the MacBook’s iSight while I was trying to play Scrabulous in bed, the swine.)

Oh, Bob.



Sasha said...

Not to spook you, my kitty does the same pushing your face thing, and padding on your knees, chest, or anywhere really. It's apparently the same motion they do to massage milk from their Mums. Cute all the same. But then, you already knew that.

ally said...

mr kitty also will do a variation on this face pushing thing. he doesn't leave his paws on your face for a long time but he will just tap on your face until you pay him attention.