Thursday, 6 December 2007

Once Again Back Is The Incredible

It’s been a while since a Bob update. I appreciate that some of you and your wives are feeling the pang of withdrawal. I’m sorry. I had to lend my camera to someone. I did borrow a video camera though, and recorded about two hours of Bob… doing stuff. Hopefully next week I’ll edit it together into a five minute BOB MOVIE or something. In the meantime…

We thought Bob was getting big, that he was no longer kitten-sized, until we went to Emma’s house and saw Tom, who is MASSIVE. Bob is very much a kitten. He can fit his entire head inside an Ugg boot. He can’t get his body in, though, no matter how hard he tries.

One interesting development is Bob’s annoying and disgusting habit of getting shit on his hind legs, which he's started doing a lot in the past two weeks. Yesterday evening Emma figured that it only happened when it was dark where his litter tray is (on the upstairs landing), whether it was 7pm or 2am when he went for a poo. So we slept with the landing light on last night. Well, I say slept; Bob was insanely affectionate all night and I basically had a little white purring engine next to my head. I still have this sodding cold and the result was fuck all sleep. BUT he went to the loo twice and didn't get poo on himself.


Bob is scared of the dark.

Here are some pictures of Bob being cute, taken on my phone.